Sunday, 16 December 2012

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

LB - Cerulean

Yo guys,

big track here.

chill the feck out with this beat, sick production on this one

check it out-

LB- Cerulean

Swift89- It's OK

Heres a banger from Swift89

Guess what-

Its more than ok.

Sick bass, banging kick and a flow so smooth it makes utterly butterly look as rough as a hooker from smethwick!

Catch this track-

Swift89- Its Ok

Teebs- Bleep

New teebs track... need i say more

Open your mind and ears to this one!!!

Teebs- Bleep


Banging track by My Waves are Chill

This track is so sick, so relaxing, just what you need on these winter nights!

Makes you wanna day dream!

Heres the link... Whaaaaaaaaat!

My Waves Are Chill- Daydream


First Post- Kouben

Hey guys,

This blog was set up to all of those individuals who want to hear something new emerging in a current musical scene.

Welcome to Frequency Clatter

From Kouben

Kouben's Sound